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March is my birthday month and looking to do some partying

Hello everyone as the title states March is my birthday and I’m looking to plan an event with me and my friends. There’s many things we like to do one of them is going to a bowling alley, going to a bar or club, or going to a see a live play of some sorts.

I do like many creative ideas that my friends came up with but I feel like there’s something more we can do like going out disco night or live jazz band or going on a 24 hour eating binge lol.

I want to go full out for this birthday because I’m turning 25, that’s like quite defining age I feel, you are no longer a kid and you are stepping into older age where you need to make things happen for your life.

I feel that 25 is a age of reflection and really deciding what you want to do with life and taking things to the next level. This is why I have been writing my goals everyday for the last 30 days, and listening to many audio books about self-development. and fine tuning myself towards a better future.

Thinking about this birthday party reminds me of the limo party back in November.

It’s not always easy to be taking massive action all the time and staying motivated

I am a Gemini and all my friends during college was also Gemini. We are hard working people but we do get distracted from time to time. It is important for us to continue striving towards greater success in life because we will for sure

Now I talked with my friends and we came up with several ideas but among the best one was of course I definitely need to celebrate with a nice limousine.

One candidate is Ann Arbor Limo

I have heard great reviews about this business through my University of Michigan friends and that they provide great service and their limousines are very slick. So I’m definitely all about getting limousine for birthdays I think it is the safest way to drink, relax, and have a great time.

All my friends tend to agree. Why bother a DUI?

So think for my birthday I’m definitely getting a limousine service from Ann Arbor and possibly go out to a club in Pontiac called Elektricity and see a live DJ there for a good time.

It will surely be a blast and I can’t wait to see all my friends and have fun inside a limousine. I get excited just thinking about it! What do you have planned for March?!


Weddings & Proms?! Best services for special occasions in Michigan


Spring is fast approaching us and it seems that everyone in my close circle of friends are getting married or attending proms and homecoming. Everyone trying to have the lavish event of fancy cars, services & food but all of that stuff is expensive!!!

As you know I write books for people and in the process I get to know a lot of business owners and people that are looking for good services. What’s the best limousine service I can get for my daughter’s wedding?

May be a question that you may have during this time of the year. It’s not a question we often ask but a very important one indeed when that special day finally comes. Or what’s the best jewelry I can get for my daughter?

If you have seen my past blog posts through family relations I have got to experience several limousine services this year, and they were fantastic time. So when I speak to people about weddings and prom, I recommend them my limo service I used and I see the power of word of mouth.

I found this heart aching video of wedding and it is inspiring. I love the dress and love the rolls royce limo service in the video.

I can only dream of love that powerful, you can almost feel the love emanating from my computer screen. It is amazing to witness such a thing in life, it is a rarity that should be cherished.

But going back to the topic at hand, How to find the best services like catering and limo service for Prom? Well you can go research all the different companies or you can come to someone like me that’s had experience and I talk to business owners regularly so I know who are the good ones out there, and recently I my friend’s getting married and was looking for a party bus, catering, venue, photo booth rental, flowers & more.

There is just a lot that goes into doing a proper wedding. So because she was based out of sterling heights, I asked the last limo owner if he knew of any companies out there and it turns out he has offices in all over tri-county area and he has one office in St. Clair Shores, for party buses he referred me here http://www.macomblimos.com/party-bus.html

And wow what a beautiful site, if you are reading this and you need a limo or party bus service in Macomb County, give these guys a try. I had them for our bachelor party and they were fantastic. Great people to deal with and the vehicles were top notch, I don’t believe any other company in Michigan has vehicles like they do. The Rolls Royce and Bentley’s

Very friendly driver too.

So my friend will be calling them up but what does she do with all the other services she needs for wedding. It can be pretty overwhelming. So I am thinking maybe there’s a need there that I can perhaps serve. If I begin to interview all the event coordinators and find out the best companies for each of these businesses and write a book about it for people looking to get married would that serve people and make a positive difference?

So below are some of the services I’d like to write a review book on.

1. Limo Services & Party Bus Rentals

2. Food Catering

3. Photo Booth Rentals

4. Flower Delivery

5. Wedding Photographers & Video

6. Wedding Venue Coordination, Decoration Support

If you know of any other services that I should include in this book let me know. Or if you know of any business or companies that does a superb job in Michigan for any weddings let me know.

I am in the process of compiling a list for my friend and it would be nice to get some feedback on what other companies are out there from various people and not just from my own research. I will be going through a lot of research and content in the next coming weeks to compile this list.

Am I being compensated for this? No, but I enjoy work like these because I have passion in finding great local businesses, it gives me content to write about in this blog and it gives me connections for when I want to throw my own wedding some day. Hoping that its halfway near brilliant as the one shown in the Youtube video.

So if you know of any wedding services that is outstanding, please write me an email about your experiences and little background of that company.


Birthday Story with Limousine from Ann Arbor

In my last post, I wrote about renting a limousine for my birthday, and it was surely a blast. I got together with all of my close friends some of them I haven’t seen in over a year and we got to talk about very interesting thing and catch up. We had some beers on the limo ice cooler and the atmosphere was simply great. You don’t get to ride in a limousine often but when you do its always a great time.

We went out to few bars in Royal Oak for my birthday and went to the Fifth Avenue and went to the dance floor there to have fun for the night. It was a real pleasurable experience and the drinks were pretty cheap as well. and then we decided to take the party to another level by going back to the limo and going to Pontiac to Elektricity to see one of the top premiere DJ’s there, Claude Von Stroke.

It was a fantastic set and I couldn’t have asked for a better ending to an epic night. We were talking to ladies, dancing in a big group, bringing new life to the party because we were pumped from partying inside  a limo already for 4 hours.

They got me few shots because I was the birthday, and made sure I could hold myself well before going overboard with it. It was great, and the whole night was fun as fun can be.

I though man I wish I could rent a limousine every weekend when we go out because the fact that you don’t have to worry about driving afterwards is just golden, and you can have fun still inside the limo for hours on end even after the party stops.

So the Set was finished by 2 AM and club was closing. We danced hard for 3 hours so we were ready to get back into the limo and go for nice bite from a restaurant that was still open. It turns out there’s a Steak N Shake in Auburn Hills by the Great Lakes Crossing Mall that was still open so we decided to go there to finish off the epic night, and it was fantastic.

After that nice meal, we got back to the limo and just talked while some friends passed out, me and 3 others finished off the last beers and talked about all sorts of things the inebriated mind could think up.

So if you are think of getting a limo for your birthday especially in Ann Arbor do it, because you will get to go to real bar and clubs that are over 2 hours away and still able to party the whole way there.

What’s coming up in Spring

Spring time is quick approaching upon us so I wanted to make a quick post of what I have been up to. Since last few pots I talked about the whirl wind of limo parties (click here for last article) I was attending. Which I thought was completely appropriate given the time of the year (christmas)

But after the new years, and setting new goals for 2015, its time to start planting some seeds and create a large tree where everyone can have a little rest in the future. In the limousine during Christmas I had a talk with one of my uncle that had been doing brick and mortar business for over 25 years and he told me that it’s never too late to slide down to mediocrity.

“The world is full of them” he told me

Then it really got me thinking about what I had been doing the last 25 years of my life, from being addicted to World of Warcraft to going out drinking and partying on the weekends, I was living a life without purpose and mission. I had no real drive and I was not setting goals that was big enough to jazz me up. This is what got me really thinking as to the importance of goal setting and how to accomplish our goals so that we become beacon of light to others, and our community at large.

Let’s move into 2015 with increased vigor and full commitment to our dreams and vision because we deserve the next level of our life. Whether that be in finance, love, relationship, or personal health, wellness, happiness, & development. I think what ultimately makes us better is becoming the strongest version of ourselves which Eliott Hulse constantly talks about.

What is that next grandest vision of ourselves, how can we reach out into the world and become a giver not a taker. Well we first must become so full in ourselves and of our abilities that we no longer need others to fulfill our desires, we will be the one that blaze a new path and new destiny.

This is a shift that is occurring and my intention for 2015 I wanted to share with you guys.

How to Celebrate Christmas & New Years

In last article I wrote about how you can manage to have the best time during Halloween.

But Halloween is like a child’s play for what is possible with Christmas

let’s go over how you can spend 2014 Christmas & New Years not wishing you were on the good list but being happy to be on the naughty side.

I will be in Lansing for this years New Years so I made a list of things you can do to have a kick-ass time.

  1.  Get all your friends the more the merrier:  Make sure you round up an impressive crew. Get everyone to come join your event, call them earlier and set it up even if you don’t exactly have everything planned. For these events, the more people you gather the funner it gets.
  2. Get plenty of booze:  Make sure you are stocked up with the finest drinks and when I say finest I mean strongest! If you are able to wake up feeling okay you didn’t go hard enough. The correct feeling is the feel of almost regret
  3. Make it Facebook Official: This goes along with #1 but if you make it FB official people will show up that aren’t necessarily in your friend’s circle, it is a great way to meet new friends and lovers
  4. Pick the transportation: if you are over 21 then most likely you may want to head to the bars later, don’t let anyone drink and drive. make sure you have the logistics handled such as cabs or I would recommend limousines
  5. Pick a theme: as a guy you may look at themed party as silly but it is a great way for the party goers to find something to talk about and have fun with. It gives everyone an interesting conversation starter and it generally helps make the party better. Ugly sweaters are over done, let’s try something different and crazy!

With everyone gathering back up to their home towns, people will be planning various events during the Holidays. Get a head start, take charge, and be the one that throws the party and invites everyone for a great time. House parties are always better than clubs when getting to know people more intimately. Who can talk inside a club?

Not everyone is up to throw a house party though. Let’s face it, you have to invest your own time and money for the enjoyment of others… who has the time for that now a days? But if you do throw one you will be that much special so take courage and do it. You will be glad you did and your friends will appreciate you too.

My personal story is last year, during Christmas I wasn’t seeing any invites on FB or any talks of any get together happening during the Holidays. I waited and waited till I finally decided to take charge. Spend a week to clean my house and set up party ornaments and throw one myself. Apparently everyone was waiting for someone to do it, and as soon as I threw the invitation on facebook, everyone joined like the flood gates were released!

It was epic to summarize very briefly and I thoroughly decided throwing a party is actually more fun than attending one!

I will be trying to out do last year’s event by catering some delicious food from local East Lansing business and even getting a limousine! It will be epic.

Till next time.

When the goin gets tough have a party

had a hell of a time for halloween this year. Why? Because one of our best friends rented a limousine service in Kalamazoo MI. it was rad as hell because I’m used to running around doing trick of treat with just bag in had walking to various houses asking for candy!

Now here I am much older and having my own limo experience going to big city to party for halloween. it was freakin fantastic!

I’ve never seen so many costumes crammed in one ride and shipping off for ridiculous adventure like last night it was ridiculous I tell you

we get elektricity night club in pontiac and the DJ was someone famous, I remember him as Avici or something along those lines, but by then I was bit intoxicated from partying real hard in the kzoo limo.

so this was adventure because once in the club it was hell of fun as well.

the drinks were pouring all night and my friend ordered round of shots, the bill was like $100 bucks lol. And thats where I blacked out. right at the beginning!

I came back to consciousness in the limo ride home.

but by then most everyone was in rough shape. thank god we had the logistics covered and we somehow managed to not get kicked out of the club. Overall it was ridiculous fun experience even though at the club I don’t remember shit.

I do remember the ride there and that was so much fun hahaha

I don’t get to go out often so when I do, I think from now on I’m gonna do it right by getting limo or party bus and gathering all my friends honest this was so much fun it was my first time ever.

till next time peace.