When the goin gets tough have a party

had a hell of a time for halloween this year. Why? Because one of our best friends rented a limousine service in Kalamazoo MI. it was rad as hell because I’m used to running around doing trick of treat with just bag in had walking to various houses asking for candy!

Now here I am much older and having my own limo experience going to big city to party for halloween. it was freakin fantastic!

I’ve never seen so many costumes crammed in one ride and shipping off for ridiculous adventure like last night it was ridiculous I tell you

we get elektricity night club in pontiac and the DJ was someone famous, I remember him as Avici or something along those lines, but by then I was bit intoxicated from partying real hard in the kzoo limo.

so this was adventure because once in the club it was hell of fun as well.

the drinks were pouring all night and my friend ordered round of shots, the bill was like $100 bucks lol. And thats where I blacked out. right at the beginning!

I came back to consciousness in the limo ride home.

but by then most everyone was in rough shape. thank god we had the logistics covered and we somehow managed to not get kicked out of the club. Overall it was ridiculous fun experience even though at the club I don’t remember shit.

I do remember the ride there and that was so much fun hahaha

I don’t get to go out often so when I do, I think from now on I’m gonna do it right by getting limo or party bus and gathering all my friends honest this was so much fun it was my first time ever.

till next time peace.

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