What’s coming up in Spring

Spring time is quick approaching upon us so I wanted to make a quick post of what I have been up to. Since last few pots I talked about the whirl wind of limo parties (click here for last article) I was attending. Which I thought was completely appropriate given the time of the year (christmas)

But after the new years, and setting new goals for 2015, its time to start planting some seeds and create a large tree where everyone can have a little rest in the future. In the limousine during Christmas I had a talk with one of my uncle that had been doing brick and mortar business for over 25 years and he told me that it’s never too late to slide down to mediocrity.

“The world is full of them” he told me

Then it really got me thinking about what I had been doing the last 25 years of my life, from being addicted to World of Warcraft to going out drinking and partying on the weekends, I was living a life without purpose and mission. I had no real drive and I was not setting goals that was big enough to jazz me up. This is what got me really thinking as to the importance of goal setting and how to accomplish our goals so that we become beacon of light to others, and our community at large.

Let’s move into 2015 with increased vigor and full commitment to our dreams and vision because we deserve the next level of our life. Whether that be in finance, love, relationship, or personal health, wellness, happiness, & development. I think what ultimately makes us better is becoming the strongest version of ourselves which Eliott Hulse constantly talks about.

What is that next grandest vision of ourselves, how can we reach out into the world and become a giver not a taker. Well we first must become so full in ourselves and of our abilities that we no longer need others to fulfill our desires, we will be the one that blaze a new path and new destiny.

This is a shift that is occurring and my intention for 2015 I wanted to share with you guys.

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