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How to Celebrate Christmas & New Years

In last article I wrote about how you can manage to have the best time during Halloween.

But Halloween is like a child’s play for what is possible with Christmas

let’s go over how you can spend 2014 Christmas & New Years not wishing you were on the good list but being happy to be on the naughty side.

I will be in Lansing for this years New Years so I made a list of things you can do to have a kick-ass time.

  1.  Get all your friends the more the merrier:  Make sure you round up an impressive crew. Get everyone to come join your event, call them earlier and set it up even if you don’t exactly have everything planned. For these events, the more people you gather the funner it gets.
  2. Get plenty of booze:  Make sure you are stocked up with the finest drinks and when I say finest I mean strongest! If you are able to wake up feeling okay you didn’t go hard enough. The correct feeling is the feel of almost regret
  3. Make it Facebook Official: This goes along with #1 but if you make it FB official people will show up that aren’t necessarily in your friend’s circle, it is a great way to meet new friends and lovers
  4. Pick the transportation: if you are over 21 then most likely you may want to head to the bars later, don’t let anyone drink and drive. make sure you have the logistics handled such as cabs or I would recommend limousines
  5. Pick a theme: as a guy you may look at themed party as silly but it is a great way for the party goers to find something to talk about and have fun with. It gives everyone an interesting conversation starter and it generally helps make the party better. Ugly sweaters are over done, let’s try something different and crazy!

With everyone gathering back up to their home towns, people will be planning various events during the Holidays. Get a head start, take charge, and be the one that throws the party and invites everyone for a great time. House parties are always better than clubs when getting to know people more intimately. Who can talk inside a club?

Not everyone is up to throw a house party though. Let’s face it, you have to invest your own time and money for the enjoyment of others… who has the time for that now a days? But if you do throw one you will be that much special so take courage and do it. You will be glad you did and your friends will appreciate you too.

My personal story is last year, during Christmas I wasn’t seeing any invites on FB or any talks of any get together happening during the Holidays. I waited and waited till I finally decided to take charge. Spend a week to clean my house and set up party ornaments and throw one myself. Apparently everyone was waiting for someone to do it, and as soon as I threw the invitation on facebook, everyone joined like the flood gates were released!

It was epic to summarize very briefly and I thoroughly decided throwing a party is actually more fun than attending one!

I will be trying to out do last year’s event by catering some delicious food from local East Lansing business and even getting a limousine! It will be epic.

Till next time.