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March is my birthday month and looking to do some partying

Hello everyone as the title states March is my birthday and I’m looking to plan an event with me and my friends. There’s many things we like to do one of them is going to a bowling alley, going to a bar or club, or going to a see a live play of some sorts.

I do like many creative ideas that my friends came up with but I feel like there’s something more we can do like going out disco night or live jazz band or going on a 24 hour eating binge lol.

I want to go full out for this birthday because I’m turning 25, that’s like quite defining age I feel, you are no longer a kid and you are stepping into older age where you need to make things happen for your life.

I feel that 25 is a age of reflection and really deciding what you want to do with life and taking things to the next level. This is why I have been writing my goals everyday for the last 30 days, and listening to many audio books about self-development. and fine tuning myself towards a better future.

Thinking about this birthday party reminds me of the limo party back in November.

It’s not always easy to be taking massive action all the time and staying motivated

I am a Gemini and all my friends during college was also Gemini. We are hard working people but we do get distracted from time to time. It is important for us to continue striving towards greater success in life because we will for sure

Now I talked with my friends and we came up with several ideas but among the best one was of course I definitely need to celebrate with a nice limousine.

One candidate is Ann Arbor Limo

I have heard great reviews about this business through my University of Michigan friends and that they provide great service and their limousines are very slick. So I’m definitely all about getting limousine for birthdays I think it is the safest way to drink, relax, and have a great time.

All my friends tend to agree. Why bother a DUI?

So think for my birthday I’m definitely getting a limousine service from Ann Arbor and possibly go out to a club in Pontiac called Elektricity and see a live DJ there for a good time.

It will surely be a blast and I can’t wait to see all my friends and have fun inside a limousine. I get excited just thinking about it! What do you have planned for March?!